How to prepare for your Portrait shoot


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  1. Try to get plenty of sleep the night before your shoot. 
  2. Make sure your outfits are clean and ironed and hanging up ready to go.
  3. Clean your shoes. 
  4. Bring a selection of clothes to your  shoot so we have lots of options for different looks.
  5. Plain colours work best in family or group shots. Try to complement each other. 
  6. Individual portraits need to tell a story so dress to show your personality. Plain colours are fabulous on camera, however if you love bright crazy patterns and colours, break the rules and go for it! Show people who you are. 
  7. Please, please, please do not wear fake tan!! Every little streak or blemish will show up. Professional cameras see everything! 
  8. Make sure your hair and makeup are making you feel fantastic. Hair should be washed and blow-dried professionally or if you’re happy to do a good job yourself then do. Makeup should represent you. Don’t over do it especially those eye brows! There are some fabulous MUA’s available if you’d like it done professionally. I can highly recommend Forty7 The Salon for hair and Jo Leversuch for make-up. 
  9. If you are bringing children make sure they are fed and watered! Bring snacks with you too. Small children are always better to photograph after a good sleep to. Please bring a bottle of water with you if we are out on location. 
  10. Lastly ..... Leave your nerves at home! I make my shoots relaxed and informal. I want the best YOU. We will have fun. 



Preparing for an Equestrian or Dog Shoot


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1.Make sure you horse is a clean and as well groomed as possible. Legs should be brushed and hooves oiled if preferred. Leave them in the night before to stay clean. 

2.Clean all tack, head collars, rugs, boots, numnahs, fly bonnets etc. Remember the bit. 

3. Clothing should be clean and ironed if necessary and pay special attention to your boots. There is nothing worse than a muddy boot when everything else is immaculate. Hat's, hat silks, jackets, jodhpurs, shirts, gloves,XC kit all looking perfect. 

4.Bring treats to bribe! Sometimes this can help with certain shots. 

5. Dogs should be well groomed and if possible had a short walk before hand. 

6. If your animal has any unique quirks or favourite things to do let me know, we may be able to incorporate these in to your shoot.

7.Make sure they are fed and watered and happy. 

8. Try not to let them eat grass before or during our shoot.Theres nothing worse than a grass stained mouth. 
9.Obviously animals can be unpredictable so do not worry if an idea doesn't work. We just try something else. 

10.I never get stressed and I don't want you to either. Patience is a must with animal shoots and so well worth it. 

Theres always a way!