Tracy Kidd Photography | Kennel Clubs Dogs at Work Photographer of the Year 2018





Wayne's TeamDogs at Work Photographer of the Year

So proud to be awarded Dogs at Work Photographer of the Year! Here is a little insight to each of Wayne's dogs.

Title … Wayne’s Team.


From left to Right 


Back - Skye age13. Lemon Working Cocker. Wayne’s soul mate. Loving , stubborn and wild when she was younger. 

Front - Jenny age 9.  Liver Working Cocker . Daughter of Skye. Tough as old boots yet loves to be cuddled. The boss! 

Pippin - age 1 . Yellow Retriever. Extremely intelligent and is always a thousand miles an hour. 

Milly - age 4. Black Retriever. Pippin’s Mother. Grease Lightening and on fire, especially on Grouse. 

Bramble - age 6. Lemon / White Working Cocker.  Hates to be told off. Always wants to please. Obsessed about checking scent. Loves a cuddle and very affectionate. 

Ember - age 3. Yellow Retriever . So laid back. Very independent and works on her own. Always picks up. Extremely eager. 

Bonnie - age 4. Yellow/White Working Cocker. Very loving however a little arrogant ! Always has her nose to the ground but slow to retrieve. Always loves a cuddle. 




I always promised myself at the age of forty I was going to follow my dream to and become the best photographer I could be. Now at forty eight, through passion, hard work and determination, I have a photography business I am very proud of. 

Naturally it has taken me into the dog and equestrian world; a world which I love. I spend a lot of time outside with my cameras, following these amazing animals and  all that they do. 

I was in photographer's heaven whilst out on the shoot with Wayne’s Team of working dogs. It was a privilege to watch them, tails held high, nose to the ground and retrieving.  All of them totally in tune with Wayne Green, hanging on every command and thoroughly enjoying their job. 

It’s days like this and the reality of life that I am looking to capture in my images. To document life, as it is, with passion. 


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